Microimages #1

Gianluca Di Ienno

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A contemporary survey around a small set of piano compositions and the undefined-and-re-defined textures around the main piano timbre. These tracks touch deep harmony solutions, melodies, movements in a very rich synthetic palette. Inspired by Ligeti, Sakamoto, Shigeto, the opera, jazz music, musical impressionism, contemporary classical music and (obviously) electronics and synthesizers, this micro work counts 3 tracks. “Symbols” is parallelism, undefined and stretched perception of all-around cues, a kind of signs to follow to feel alive. “In A Haze” is a crazy and free variation (view) of the visionary Beiderbecke ‘In A Mist’ and it was composed during this difficult passage between the old and the new life. “Pastorale” is a real awakening; it is an intimate and late-afternoon lovers’ slow dialogue under a huge tree on the hills; they lay down and check the horizon, after a scorching heat summer day. Enjoy!