MU74 Studio As A Location

Back to the 70s

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Location for : IODONNA “Don’t stop the dance! Lo stile anni ’80 per l’autunno inverno 2020/2021” Original post IoDonna: HERE Location Agency: Residenza Location Location reel

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Location for : OPEL Featuring: MIKA CDP: Frementlemedia • DIRECTOR: Giorgio Neri DOP: Marco Alfieri • SET DESIGNER : Stella Lombardo Location Reel

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Location for : ASUS K48 and C41 for ASUS campaign • DIRECTOR : Leone • PHOTOGRAPHER: Luca A. Caizzi BOLLYWOOD • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Dominique Esmenard • LINE PRODUCER: Dorothée Hernandez Location Reel

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Location for : Nike Production company K48 and creative company C41 for NIKE campaign. Director: Leone Location Reel