A production company and publisher based in Milano leading MU74 as a unique loft recording studio, an indie label, headquarters, and Sonorilla as a branch actively engaged in audio and sound design for commercials, production music, and brand identity.

As a group, the company has produced music for artists, commercials, brands, and advertisements, with considerable experience in music strategy for broadcasts and ads. One of the major clients of the group is Radio Mediaset, Europe’s largest broadcasting group, which includes five radio networks and numerous web radios. We have over ten years of experience in sound branding, music production, and sound imaging
Striving to achieve excellence with a passionate approach, our team of producers works on various aspects of the creative process. We are never afraid to explore the unconventional and continuously seek new ways of expression. At Mitsuhide Music we dedicate our time to find that unique sound for both artistic projects and commercials
Clients And Brands Have Placed Their Trust In Us


Radio 105, Radio Montecarlo, Virgin Radio (Finelco/ Mediaset Radio)  • R101 • Rhone Fm • Rds • Vodafone • Miur • Generali • Levi’s • Virgin Active Gym • Pitti • Flos • C41 • Thun • Technogym • Becks


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